Usted instead of Tu?

Hi all! I’m new to SSIS and got as far as level 6, but with a little understanding of some Spanish already.
I love it and I’m feeling healthily challenged, but I’m questioning the use of Usted instead of Tu- isn’t it really formal and not really used?
What’s the logic behind using this form? Or am I wrong and it is the commoner way to talk?

Hola Megan! Great to hear that you’re enjoying the course!
There was quite a bit of discussion about whether to introduce “tu” or “usted” first, and in the end our native speakers recommended “usted”. The idea is that if you’re visiting a Spanish speaking country you’re more likely to speak with people you don’t know initially, so using “usted” would appear more courteous than launching straight into “tu” which is more familiar.
As you get further on in the course, “tu” is introduced so that you can then use them both as the situation requires.
What I find here in the Basque Country where I live is that younger people use “tu” a lot more freely, but older people, and those in businesses, banks, medical centres etc, still tend to address me with “usted”.

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