Using the SSiW app on an iPad

If this thread is not wanted, @aran feel free to ditch it!
As a not particularly experienced person with modern tech,( I started with machine code, folks , in the 1960s!) I am slowly learning how to do things on my SSiW ipad ap. Very slowly. I would personally find it very helpful if an or some experienced user(s) wrote a hint sheet!
e,g, If I want to stress on this laptop, I can use the italic or bold feature. With my finger on the screen of my ipad, there is no way I can work out how to select some text to stress, delete, move, copy etc…
e.g. When I finally finished Level 1 of the Challenges, I didn’t realise I had to move to the Second Level using pressure on the top bar. It was accident that showed me this, followed by a kind explanation from, I think, @AnnaC.

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Just changed the title for this specific usecase (since different things may/will be happening for the Android app, for example, and for people who use an iPad to access the site directly without going through the app)… :slight_smile:

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@henddraig, and whoever else finds it helpful…

In the SSiW app, you can tap “Info” in the bottom bar to bring up the FAQ. Included are the basics of using the app, as well as other useful information.

As far as selecting text on the iPad (this isn’t SSiW app specific, just a general iPad thing) - if you hold your finger down on a word in the text you want to select, the word will highlight in blue, there will be two blue dots on either side, and a menu will pop up with choices like “Copy; Look Up; Share” (The choices will be different depending on what actions are available in the app you are using). The blue dots are like “handles”. You can put your finger on the left-hand one and slide it to where you want your selection to begin, and you can slide the right-hand one to choose where you want your selection to end. Once you have selected the text you want, tap on the menu to copy or cut or whatever you want to do. I’ll warn you that the selection process can be a bit finicky, and it sometimes takes me more than one try to get what I want. It is easier on a laptop!

If you have copied/cut text that you want to put somewhere else, go to where you want to paste it in. Hold your finger down on the text entry box, and a menu with “Paste” will pop up. When you tap that, it will paste in your text.

If you do this in the SSi forum, it will also pop up the “Quote Reply” option. Sometimes I find this a bit tricky, too, and I won’t get the “Quote Reply” until I try again. Once you are working on your post, you can select text in the same way, and tap the “B” or “I” buttons to make your selection bold or italic.

Clear as mud? :wink:


No much clearer than mud! Now let me try? No, my arthritic fingers cannot do it. Got blue selection but couldn’t move ends. May be able to stress? Unfortunately, it seems I can only manage it with last word in line! Wanted to select ‘May’ had to settle on stress instead! Still, I’m learning!

Wow! Quoting much easier! Bit longer than I meant, but it worked!
Diolch yn fawr iawn iawn @AnnaC!!!


@henddraig The handle things are tiny, so I understand! Here’s a thought - there are very inexpensive styluses available, and that might make things easier. Glad you got the quoting to work! :slight_smile:


Janet gave me a stylus. So far it hasn’t helped with anything, but I’ll give it whirl after 2.02!!!

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Okay, pob lwc! I’m about to start Course 3 Gwers 7 – maybe we’ll be learning simultaneously :slight_smile:

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Lwc dda i ti! Way Ahead of me! And I am getting nowhere with stylus! That’s Life! I

Well, my lesson was full of mistakes, so take heart! Some of them might not be mistakes, but acceptable alternates, but I’m not all that confident about those! Sorry the stylus didn’t help :frowning2:


I’m just cack-handed! I’ll keep trying to do more, but usually, I think, “To hell with it!” and stick with what I can do! One thing I find a nuisance, if I want to stress a word on the top line, the options like B and I are hidden under the ipad bumph. Ideas?

Yes, sometimes the iPad menu covers up what you are trying to get to underneath on the forum! It is annoying, and I’m afraid I don’t have any tips. Sometimes after a few tries I just give up and go post from my computer instead!


Is it easy to reproduce the case where the menu is covering things up? I’m just playing about with it, and haven’t hit that problem - yet. Oh, do you mean where the Select/Copy/Paste menu covers up the B for bolding, for example?


Yes, this exactly.


@lewie Is it you who sorts out iPad problems? Mine has stopped giving access to the Forum. Help!

The same thing has happened again! I am on via Google and usual log in, but app just would not connect to Forum!

Seems to be fixed now!