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Hello I’ve just started on Level 1 and have reached Challenge 9. I’m stuck at the moment and need some assistance. I’ve got this far with the use of the pause button. I think too slowly to not use it but the message at the end of Challenge 9 says that in order to go to Challenge 10 you need to be able to answer in Welsh 90 per cent of the time without the pause button. At the moment that is not possible. Until now the message has been to use the pause button if you feel you need to. Sorry for the long message. I’ve been really enjoying the course so far and learned far more Welsh than I have ever known before. I’m still excited and want to get through this blip. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks Pat


Hi. Pat. Well done on reaching the end of Challenge 9 already.

The advice on reaching a certain percentage of responses has changed now - that is to say that it no longer applies. The same goes for using/not using the pause button. So the advice is that as long as you are getting some answers out (even with the pause button), then it’s fine to continue through the Challenges.


That’s brilliant John, thanks very much for your reply!
It’s a blessed relief and I can now get on with this fantastic course.
I’ve learned to be able to speak more Welsh in the last 6 weeks than in the whole of my life, some 60 odd years, nearly all spent in Wales. Whoever designed this has hit on a wonderful system. (I’ve still got a long way to go)
I watched the spoof video on the usual Welsh learners class which captures the disadvantages of the that system really well and is funny.
No offense meant to the poor teachers who have to try to make it work but I’ve been sat in a similar classroom a number of times over the years and not got very far with my Welsh.
Thanks again, John and good luck with your journey.


Hi @patricia-mccarthy, I’d just like to add that I’ve been learning and speaking Welsh for over 18 months now, but being still a fairly slow learner I live on the pause button, and I know without it I’d have never made any progress at all. Some folks manage well without using it; some of us depend on it. That’s despite having now had many conversations lasting well over an hour both on Slack and on Skype. Added to @JohnYoung’s good advice above, it sounds to me as though you’re doing just fine and have nothing to worry about! Pob lwc!


Thanks for your reply, Alan, very helpful and encouraging. Pob Iwc to you too!

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Sorry for that old advice, Patricia - one of these days we’ll manage to track them all down and fix them… :wink: And well done for asking! :star: