Using the app

Ive been using the Automagic SSIW subscription app for around 25 hours apparently but I’m reading about levels, using other languages and all sorts on this forum.

On the app I can’t find any information about what level I’m on. All there is are three buttons at the bottom - learn, feedback etc., plus the two speed buttons.

How do I find out about which level I’m on?

How do I add other languages?

Diolch yn fawr iawn, Lizzie

@Li22ie the AutoMagic app uses a different system to the earlier audio files. It’s a constant stream of learning, whereas the earlier learning methodology used distinct sound files with a system of 3 Levels. As you progress through the learning material with AutoMagic, you will cover all the same material as people using the Levels do, but there is no need to know which Level you’re on for the course to work.

If you go into Settings in AutoMagic, you should be able to see a choice of the other Welsh region (i.e. Northern and Southern versions) plus Spanish for English speakers.

To see what else is available, click on the ‘SSi’ at the top of AutoMagic to return to the main website. (You may be able to get there by clicking on ‘Learn’ at the top here, but if the system remembers that you usually use AutoMagic, it will probably take you there.)

On the main Website, clicking ‘Learn’ will show you the older style courses, e.g. Challenges, and clicking on the ‘SSi’ at the top there will give you the dropdown selection of the other languages available.

As you’re a paying subscriber, you’re also entitled to join the SSiW Community Chat Slack group, where you can get to know other learners, and take part in online group sessions with a tutor. I’ve sent you an invitation to join that now.