Using mi/ ddes i

Smae pawb,
Re looking over the four short form irregular ( not sure If thats the correct terms form) es I, des I, nes I, ges I.
Regarding the positive statement.
Mi es I, mi ddes I, mi wnes I, mi ges I.
How widely the ‘mi’ form is used i.e formally in like schools/ colleges as opposed to everyday speech, or North/ South for example. Tbh probably moreso the des I, as that actually changes sound.
Des i/ mi ddes i
Daeth o/ mi ddaeth o,
@CatrinLliarJones @siaronjames
Hopefully iv explained this question Sensibly.

How widely the participle ‘mi’ is used in speech (and the same applies to its southern counterpart ‘fe’) largely varies from area to area - you’ll hear it a lot in some parts but hardly ever in others. Sometimes you also hear the variant “ddes i” where the ‘mi’ has dropped off but it’s left behind the mutation it caused.
It would be much more common to see it included in formal writing and speech (and I was glad of it during my university course as it helped bump the word count up considerably! :wink: )