Using ffrinDiaith

I figure most people learning Welsh live in the UK or in Europe, though on the old forums i saw several folks from the states. I just signed up for the ffrinDiaith section and it seems the closest person to me is about 250 miles away (and everyone else over 3000 miles away), so i figure my best bet is Skype. Is there a way to know if someone is specifically looking for a Skype partner? I live on the east coast of the US and time zones might be a bit of a pain. I would kinda prefer another learner (i’ve just about finished the vocabulary lessons after course 1, i’ve only got the colors to go), since it’d be nice to help each other and not feel bad about taking up someone else’s time. It feels a bit odd just asking someone to help me with my Welsh :confused:

Hey Ricardo,

I’m not sure if you noticed it, but there’s a button on the right side of the ffrinDiath members page where you can toggle learners and speakers. If you toggle into learners, I think you’ll see a handful of additional people in the US. I count at least 20 within 400 miles of me, all are likely to be located in the US.


There are not many people in the US signed up even as learners in FfrindIaith in part because there are so few US non-learners available as possible mentors. However, there are quite a few SSIWers in the US, and beyond Skype-ing, you might well find some people relatively near you. I live near DC and we even have a monthly Welsh meetup. One potential way to flush out people near you is to write a post about youself with your location (state, city, whatever is comfortable) in the title.

Until this new forum develops a way to show our locations easily, we may have to keep repeating where we are, or people who might care won’t know.

Thanks, i don’t live that far from DC (i live in Cape Charles, on the Eastern Shore of VA, across the Chesapeake Bay from Virginia Beach), so it’s interesting to hear that there are meetups not that far away, relatively speaking at least. I doubt there’s anyone over here studying it, but i really don’t mind Skyping and i think my time schedule matches up much better with people in North/South America.

Also, thanks for the tip about toggling learners, i hadn’t noticed that before and you’re right, there are a lot more learners in the US than i thought :slight_smile:

It would be convenient to see how far along in the courses people are as well as what course they’re doing.

Also, have you looked at the map? There’s a link in the blue bar above (between “bootcamp” and “shop”) … scroll down to the third map (“rest of the world”) and zoom in on the eastern seaboard. There are fewer than 10% of our learners actually represented there (and the names are mostly from the old forum) but you can get a start looking for people near you that way, too.