Using 'Cael'

I know there has been threads on Cael but I have a specific question. Firstly, I understand Ces i, Cest ti, Cafodd e/hi etc.
What I would like to know is, when can I use the actual word ‘Cael’ as it is in a sentence, and can it only be used in the past tense.
Thanks for any replies.


Not just the past tense - in present tense you could say things like “Dwi’n cael post bob dydd” (I’m getting/receiving post every day), “Mae o’n cael cawl am ginio” (He’s having soup for dinner) etc. In the future tense you could have things like “'Dyn ni’n cael llai o lwc eleni” (We’re having less luck this year), “Wyt ti’n cael mynd?” (Are you allowed to go?)


Thank you Siaron. Much appreciated.

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Rwyt ti wedi cael ateb nawr :slight_smile:

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