Useful Little App

If you want to put the ‘To Bach’ over a letter when you are writing, you need to download a little app called ‘To Bach’ Then, when you want to put a To Bach over your letter, you just hold down AltGr and the letter on you keyboard. Result, â ê ô or whatever letter you choose.
Here’s a link,


Thank you, @RobMorgan. I just installed it and it works a treat. No more messing about with obscure codes or copy and paste.

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It’s brilliant, isn’t it? I had set up short cut codes to use in Word, but To Bach works in anything, emails, comments on Facebook, Twitter posts etc. I highly recommend it.

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‘Useful’ is an understatement @RobMorgan - it’s brilliant! Thank you!!!

I enabled the CYM keyboard as the default on my Windows 10 laptop which does exactly the same thing. I also added the Welsh dictionary to Word so that the things I write aren’t covered with red spelling squiggles.

To add the Welsh keyboard to Windows 10, go to

 Start - Settings - Time & Language - Language - Add a preferred language

Choose “Cymraeg” from the list. There is then an option to switch between CYM and ENG keyboards from the Task bar at the bottom of the screen, but I chose to have CYM as default as it doesn’t affect anything when typing in ENG (Saesneg).

To add Welsh as a spell checker for MS Word, the links to the language packs on Prifysgol Bangor University’s website:

I have the CYM keyboard enabled, and displaying in the taskbar, but it doesn’t do a lot for me. I was using ALT codes except for ŵ which didn’t seem to have one. That ŵ was so easy to type with tobach.


That’s strange. The alt-gr + 6^ followed by the letter has always worked for me with CYM keyboard enabled. â ê î ô û ŵ ŷ…