Use of wyt ti

The SSIW 6 mins a day level 2 challenge 11 seems to use wyt ti for both are you, have you and did you ? Is this right are tenses a bit fluid in Welsh conversation - I have noticed in previous parts of SSIW South Wales that verbs which I would expect the past imperfect ( later in a sentence ) sometimes use the present ? Can anyone throw light on this ?
John L

It all depends on context as to how “wyt ti” gets translated into English because the literal translations sound clunky in English so we compromise to make them sound ‘right’.
Wyt ti’n dechrau? - Are you starting?
Wyt ti wedi dechrau? - Have you started? (lit. Are you after starting?)
Wyt ti’n moyn dechrau? - Do you want to start? (lit. Are you wanting to start?)

If you mean sentences where there is a ‘that’, in English we usually keep the past tense in both halves -
He told me (that) you had started
But in Welsh, even though the first part (before the ‘that’) is in past tense, the second part acts as if it is in the present, but the overall meaning is still in the past (if that makes sense!)
Dwedodd e bo ti wedi dechrau

Hope that helps :slight_smile: