Use of 'gwnaed' in past tense

Is there a subtle difference between in meaning that I don’t get between ‘naeth o ddim daed wrtha’i’ (naeth o’m daed wrtha’i) and ‘fidodd o ddim wrtha’i’ ? They seem equivalent. I’m ‘bushed’!

I am probably way too under-qualified to help anyone, but here we go:
‘wnaeth o ddim dweud wrtha i’ = He didn’t say to me’
You’re second phrase seems to be ‘Fe dweud o ddim wrtha i’ perhaps trying to be like “He…say…not…to me”

To me it seems what you are trying to do is put the Welsh words in an order that makes sense if they were English words, you can’t always do this.

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Just to tidy up on the orthography (which it’s FINE for you to be skipping at this stage :sunny: ) - this is:

Wnaeth o ddim deud wrtha i


Ddudodd o ddim wrtha i…

And yes, they’re entirely interchangeable - this is just the difference between the long form and the short form of the verb, and it doesn’t matter at all which you choose… :sunny:


I’m still in level 1 - does this mean that when they use “naeth ddweud wrthaf fi” it would also be correct to say “ddudodd wrthaf fi”?

Yes, those two forms of the past tense are completely interchangeable, feel free to use whichever comes more naturally to you :slight_smile: