Unsure about what I'm hearing

Two sentences I’m not 100% sure of the sound I’m hearing:

  1. And, I’d better try to say something…
    "A? well i mi drio…
    It sounds like the word “And” becomes “Ag” ? Or, is it “Ac”? Either way, it doesn’t sound like plain ol’ “A”

  2. I watched that film about…
    Nes i wylio (or wylio’r) ffilm
    I can’t hear if there’s a yr ('r) on the end of wylio
    I thought it should just be: Nes i wylio ffilm 'na but it sounds like they are saying an “r” at the end of wylio.
    Thanks in advance for the help!

Without listening myself (don’t know which challenge or if it’s South or North version), I’d say from context that it is

  1. ac well i mi drio
    the a (and) becomes ac before a vowel, but it may still sound like ‘ag’ in some dialects (ag is normally the ‘before-vowels’ version of â (with) )
  2. yes, there will be an 'r on the end of wylio because in order to say “that film”, the Welsh here is literally “the film there”
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Okay, thanks. This is helpful. I’m doing the North Wales version- don’t know if that makes a difference with “ag” vs. “ac”

Oh, and, it’s Lesson 1 Challenge 1 (NW version) somewhere about 10 minutes 50 seconds in.

Not really - it’s more an accent thing than a defined N/S thing.