Unrhywun yn Sir Drefaldwyn?

Dw i’n chwilio grwp o ddysgwyr yn fy ardal. Dw i’n hoffi canu, cerdded, (a siarad Cymraeg wrth cwrs!)

There must be loads of ssiw learners in Montgomeryshire and there abouts!
Come on, where are you! :grinning:

Dear Nicky
There is a very small group of learners who meet with at least one fluent speaker of Welsh every Thursday at 1.0. until 2.0.pm. at The Council chamber above the Robert Owen Museum in Newtown. I believe that there is also a meeting of learners every Tuesday in the Dragon Hotel at about 1.30.pm. I am sure you would be made welcome at either or both of these meetings.
Telephone number to enquire further about the Newtown meeting is 01686 610 010. This is the phone no. of Mentre Maldwyn who have very friendly and helpful staff.

Ydan ni ddim canu yn y group Y Drenewydd ond gwneud llawer o sgwrs. Faset ti’n hoffi I ganu I ni bydden ni wrth ein bodd. dwi’n siwr.

Edrych ymlaen I cwrdd a ti.