Unit 1 lesson 7 Question

So the translation for (You’ve been learning about a month) was Usted lleva aprendiendo desde hace aproximadamente un mes. Couldn’t you just omit desde hace here? I believe hace can mean “ago” but I still really don’t understand what desde is for?

Tagging @Deborah-SSi and @gabycortinas for more detailed stuff - but basically that’s performing the function that you’d get with ‘since’ or ‘for’ in English (and I think that prompt sentence would have been ‘You’ve been learning for about a month’)… but yes, you could leave it out and there’d be no problem in understanding… :slight_smile:

Yes, my understanding is that the ‘desde’ is because it’s ‘since’ that time you’re been learning (and you still are).
Just having ‘hace’ on it’s own is ‘ago’ like you said @tim-rippelmeyer, so it’s thinking of that particular time in the past - something you did ‘a month ago’ but not still doing.

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Ok. That makes a little more sense now. Thank you!