Un Bore Mercher S2

Just found out that Un Bore Mercher S1 is currently available on S4C Clic, and that S2 starts on Sunday night. Not to be missed!


You beat me to it! I had been wondering until just a few minutes ago. . .

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Just watched the first episode, which I’d watched previously in English, and read in Welsh (on the BBC Scriptroom site).

I can’t say I followed every word, but I think I was getting most of it. Be interesting to see how that compares to watching one of the new episodes, but right now it feels like a nice marker of progress.

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SO excited for Series 2!!! :grin:


I watched the Welsh version of series 1 when it was out. At the time, I hadn’t been learning for long, so it’s nice to re-visit it. I’ll struggle now to catch up with a re-watch of series one before the new series starts tomorrow night! I was amazed that Eve Myles (who plays Faith Howells), learnt Welsh for the roll! I listened to an interview (somewhere, can’t remember), and she just threw herself into learning the language intensively, Amazing.

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Did I imagine it, or did I hear she learnt here, at least in part?

I could be wrong, Cat, but not as far as I’m aware. I think her colleagues helped her to learn as they are first language speakers.

Hang on - we do have a fellow forum member from another production - I won’t be rude and mention names :slight_smile:

However I think it’s OK to mention Leanne Wood of Plaid Cymru, as she is featured on the home page. I think that Leanne attended a bwtcamp.

Sorry for hijacking your topic :frowning: