UHW Cardiff - new group and Diwrnod S'mae festivities

On Monday 15 October, the Welsh Language Network in Cardiff University will be celebrating Diwrnod S’mae with free tea and coffee at UHW when you ask in Welsh! Cafe 14, Sports and Social Club, 12:30-1:30pm.

(Well ok, actually we can only really extend that to Cardiff University staff and students, but I think there’s a few of them around here.)

We will also be starting a new regular conversation group that will meet on Wednesday lunchtimes (same place and time) starting on 31 October. We won’t be giving out any more freebies, so I think that could be open to anyone in the area as it’s a public cafe.

On both days, there will be a table reserved for the Welsh group - look out for the Welsh flag!

Tagging @Kimberley @cerilynch @Mihil - are you still around, and do you know anyone else?


That looks perfect for me- I’m hoping to move to Heath soon so I’d love to join in with the conversation group.


Hello. Thanks for tagging me in. Unfortunately I can’t be there as I’m off to a conference in Glasgow. Good luck with your conversation group. Unfortunately I can’t come to that either as that’s the day I’m at home with my daughter.

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Great, looking forward to meeting you, @vallucas!

Sorry, @Kimberley, that wasn’t very good planning. Do feel free to message me if you’d ever like to meet up for a chat on Mon or Tues though. :slight_smile: