I quite often start a sentence with “I wonder” quite a lot and have just found out “tybed” means “I wonder”
Would I start a sentence with “dw i’n tybed” or just “tybed” also would “I was wondering” be “o’n i’n tybed” ?


Yes, yes and yes!

You can use all of those - “dwi’n tybed” is more like saying “I am wondering” and tybed on it’s own is more like “I wonder”. And you’re spot on with “o’n i’n tybed” for “I was wondering” (and it’s also “o’n i’n tybed” for “I wondered” because “to wonder” is a stative verb).


Thanks Siaron, I think I’ll be using that a lot lol

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Siaron, I have been working my way through the OLD COURSE 2 (Southern) on SSiW. In Lesson 24 we were introduced to a ‘handy’ little phrase for "I wonder’ = '‘sgwni’
Is this used only in South East Wales or is it common in other areas?

yes, sgwni (from ys gwn i / os gwn i) is another common way of saying it and is not restricted to SE Wales.

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Diolch Siaron

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