Tŵt - Welsh Social Media

There’s a new social Media service, toot.wales. There seem to be posts in both Cymraeg and English so far. Perhaps worth supporting.


Looking at the right of the screen on https://toot.wales/about it really looks like Twitter - is that correct?
Or maybe I should just join and find out :smile:

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I signed up. It’s a nice chance to communicate with others in Welsh. There’s someone on there reading the same book as me, so that’s nice.


Looks like several client apps are available for iPhone and Android. Any recommendations?

I just set up an account…


Oh no, I’m not giving out my username… all you lovely people will be able to see the rubbish I write!

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I am a notorious lurker. I observe and then drop in with a comnent out of the blue. I have had Twitter since 2016 and have never logged in or posted a twit…

All lovely people on twt will be able to see “rubish” (so you say not I) you write also so why spare the space here and not telling username? It’s the aim of practice, isn’t it? And how to learn if no one sees the mistakes? :slight_smile:

It’s interesting that Mastodont affords to support other sites as it didn’t accept new registrations maybe 3 or 4 months ago due to too small and insufficient powerfull servers.

Might sign up in next days but not now yet, sorry. :slight_smile:


I joined Mastodon ages ago when it was new, but no one I knew was using it so I haven’t looked in there for ages. I’ll see if I can find toot.wales.

This is an open-source social media network, which is similar to Twitter, but you know that everything in there will be Welsh-themed. I’ve popped in and had a play it’s looking great. It’s looking good already!


Shwmae folks, my name is Jaz, I’m the transplanted Welshman who started Tŵt, Neil gave me a heads up there was a mention here so I wanted to be sure to give you an opportunity to ask me anything you like about the platform.

As a tech guy I have three major problems living in New York: not enough internet privacy, not enough Welsh language technology, and not enough good cheese. Tŵt aims to fix two of these.

It’s not just a Twitter clone, it’s a microblog focussed on anti-abuse controls, absolutely user privacy, and bilingual conversation. I’m sitting on a plane being told to shut down my mobile, but I will check back in to answer any questions or comments you might have!

Cofion cynnes,



The site works as a native app, simply add the home page to your home screen and enable notifications - this gives you the most control over the language/interface - that said I hear good things about Tusky on Android and Tootdon on iOS.

Tusky: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.keylesspalace.tusky

Tootdon: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tootdon-for-mastodon/id1282283934?mt=8


You can follow users remotely from the instance you joined (just search e.g. @jaz@toot.wales) or create a second account directly on our instance, most apps allow you to switch between accounts pretty easily.

Because Mastodon (the underlying tech platform) is so focussed on user freedom, you can even pick your account up and literally move to a new instance like toot.wales, or from toot.wales of course, these options are in your accoutn preferences.


Thanks for that, and welcome to SSIW!

I’ve been using Tootdon, but I’m not really happy with it. I like the occasional entertaining alert boxes that pop up with some far eastern script on them, though. If the web site works OK in Safari and allows me to set the UI to Welsh, then I’ll try that instead. :slight_smile:

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Hmmm. The mobile web UI is good for having the ability to have a completely Welsh experience, but it really doesn’t play nicely with Swiftkey - I just found it impossible to even type into the text field in order to create a new post.

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Hi @robbruce any chance you could give me a bit more detail on the issue? Can you not get focus on the text box, or swiftkey can’t place any text in there?

@jaz-michael-king has suggested that people that are just starting to write in Welsh could use Tŵt for a bit of practice - especially if you write #ymarfer in your message. It sounds like it could be a good way to start using a little written Welsh and get replies, but at the same time let people know you’re still learning.

What do people think about that? Would it be useful?


I’ve been posting on Tŵt in Welsh without the #ymarfer tag. I’ve found that no one worries about the standard of Welsh and that most people on there are just using it for practice.


That’s good to hear, but using the #ymarfer tag might help people that would like a ‘writing Welsh’ practice partner find someone else. We have people doing that with reading - sharing reading a Welsh book with someone else through Slack - and I could see it happening with writing as well.

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Ah, I see what you mean. I misunderstood what you are hoping to achieve with the tag. Ignore me and carry on…!