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I can’t find the thread for TV, Mae’n ddrwg da fi. I am starting to enjoy Codi PARC they were down by Oxwich Bay the last episode I seen and now Cardigan. I love watching programmes where they travel around the country, I have itchy feet and love traveling in the UK. I’m going to my favourite place Dinbych-y-Pysgod for a very late short break in October.
But always looking for potential days out etc maybe somewhere this week. So enjoy this show


I used to watch Codi Pac when it was shown on a Sunday morning. I’m not sure it’s made as a learner’s programme but was always billed as one. Geraint Hardy has a very clear voice and is certainly very learner friendly to listen to. They always seem to concentrate on the less visited, off the trail stuff too which really makes you want to visit. Anyway, sorry, yes I agree, Codi Pac is a very enjoyable, easy programme.


Yes, Geraint Hardy speaks very clearly, and it’s great for us outside Wales to find out about places to visit.
The only thing that’s slightly annoying is that it often looks a bit too much like a commercial, more than a travel programme.
However, I find that having him describing things around him so much in detail is really useful to build up vocabulary - so I can’t really complain about it!

Another interesting programme was one along the coast of Ceredigion - it’s a presenter who uses a kayak as well, but can’t remember neither his name nor the name of the programme!
He’s harder to understand though.
And even harder - but really lovely - is when he interviews older people in the places he visits telling unusual stories, and they also have the most amazing accents.
One man even totally sounded like an Italian dialect, really crazy! :open_mouth:


Yeah the only downside for me is when he goes into hotels or wherever and it’s like an advert but he speaks clearly. I find that I can recognise the words, or some, but can’t follow yet enough to understand the whole sentence. Early days yet. I caught the end of Pobl Y Cwm (I don’t like soaps so I won’t be watching it) and I was surprised by how much I already knew but they talked too fast to follow. One day :slight_smile: I’ll understand


The latest episode was in Betws Y Coed. I didn’t realise that the subtitles don’t work when you record it. So I ended up watching it now and not understanding much.
There was a lady on there who owned a hotel I think and was learning Welsh and I could understand some of what she said. Brave lady on TV still dysgu Cymraeg :joy: I might watch it with subtitles next time

If you watch on S4C clic (the web catch-up), you can choose subtitles there.

That’s how I watched it last time then thought I’d record it on my sky box

I haven’t got Sky in any form, so I don’t know of any work-arounds with that.
But watching something without subtitles every now and then (not too often, or it just gets frustrating!) is a good thing because it gives you a marker of how well you’re doing - it starts off with not understanding much at all, but if you try it from time to time you’ll begin to understand more and more until suddenly you realise you actually understood most of it.

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I might not have it for long. Rarely watch sky. Only about three programmes on there. Good advice. I’ll have to watch more without subtitles now and again

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I can’t seem to search this forum with open sesame keyword that will conjure up a main thread on TV non-fiction recommendations.
I’m hoping to alert @gisella-albertini and others who may not be using the Slack forums, to the lovely series I’ve only just discovered, first broadcast 13/12/2019 called Straeon y Ffin. There are only English subs/captions available, but it is quite comprehensible without any (to me). As he works his way south along the Welsh-English border, he covers Y Waun/Chirk & Oswestry/Croesoswallt in programme one, expiring 16 Jan, I think. Y Trallwng and further south, will be available for longer.

Photography beautiful. Content and presentation very accessible. Nice footage of 1970s vox pop in Croesoswallt streets about 17mins into Pennod 1.Joiwch!

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Thanks @lornarhodes !
I’ll check it out (hoping it’s available to international audience too!)

By the way, if you’d like to add this or more suggestions the thread is here:

I had copied the S4C definition “non drama” but added “non fiction” too so next time it will appear in searches! :wink:

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