Trying to track down a name - Tissul

My father had an uncle called Tissul.
I have never come across this name before or since.
I’ve spelled it as I think it sounds so probably not as it should be but I wondered if anyone could enlighten me as to it’s proper spelling and possibly it’s meaning.

Tysul was a Welsh Saint (462 - 554) - The church of St Tysul in Llandysul (Ceredigion) was founded by him. Tysul can also be an endearment of the name ‘Sulien’.

… and I see you’ve only just joined the forum, so welcome! :smiley:


Well, @johnhuwevans-2 I actually can’t give you an answer to this question but I came posting here because I’m always delighted to see new members on here.

You’ve just joined so I’d like to say very warm welcome to the forums.

I’m sure there are people who’d be able to help. In the mean time you are very welcome to cruise round and read what’s of your interest.

If there are any how to on this forum questions, you are welcome to read Really useful ‘How to’ stuff and other great posts. There are many interesting and useful stuff in deed!

Croeso yma!
Tatjana :slight_smile:

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Ta muchly.
I’m afraid that having been brought up in England I’m not a Welsh speaker but I do Know what Croeso yma means, so I suppose I’m not a complete dead loss.

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Thanks very much.
If I ever get round to tracking the family past that should be very helpful.


Croeso @johnhuwevans-2 Are you actually learning Welsh, or did you just come on the Forum to ask about your uncle’s name? Welcome either way, but with a name like yours, it would be a shame if you don’t have a go at learning some Welsh!

Everyone starts somewhere - but stick around and you’ll soon find you know much more Welsh than you thought you ever would! :wink:

I may get around to it at some point but living in east Anglia means it’s not top of my priorities especially since I’m in the middle of sorting Dad’s estate.

Thanks for the help everyone.
Nos dda - I hope that’s right.


Yes it’s right although I always write Nos da. :slight_smile:

I understand this perfectly but where one lives isn’t always neccessary to determine priorities. I don’t even live in UK but life just opened this area of knowledge for me by some coincidence (you’ll find what that coincidence was if you stick around here at least for a while) so I’m learning Welsh. No, it’s not Patagoina either … It’s Slovenia where you wouldn’t even Tourists comming to our little country hear speaking Welsh :slight_smile:

Yah, life has strange ways.

Welcome once again and if you decide to learn Welsh one day here are many of us who’d be glad to help with any difficulties on the course of learning.

Nos da. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I live in Germany. Hopefully I will be spending next year in Bosnia and learning Bosnian. Welsh will take a back seat for me during that time (unless there’s an SSI meetup in Sarajevo :grin:)but right now in Germany there’s no reason not to.
As long as you actually want to learn it that is. Please don’t feel pressured :wink: