Trying to stay up to date with SSIW

S’mae pawb. I’d be grateful if I could be guided to a summary of the various “offers” on the SSIW. I hear of the six minute plan, and advanced listening, but I can’t find anywhere that the threads are all drawn together. I’m at level three stage 22, but although I live in the Conwy valley, lockdown and shielding have put a temporary stop to my Welsh conversation. I’ve been mouldering along at the old three quid or so a month. Time to expand, but how?

I think @aran can probably help you out . :slight_smile:

hello Steve, and firstly da iawn for getting to where you’ve got to! That’s an amazing achievement and brilliant stuff indeed.

To answer your question, the advanced listening practices are available to you on your existing subscription. When you log into your account, at the top of the page you should see an option marked ‘Learn’. Click on that, and you get a drop-down menu of all the learning options open to you with your subscription. Click on the ‘Advanced Content’ option, and that’ll take you to the listening practices.

It also sounds to me as though it’s worth you trying the Welsh Speaking Practice (WSP) groups. You’ll need to be a member of this group on Slack, so if you’re interested, drop us a line at and we can add you. Info on what’s available in WSP and what events are coming up is regularly posted on here and in the weekly newsletter, and also via the SSiW Facebook group if you do Facebook.

Hope that helps you, and keep on keeping on with your learning! Cheers, Stine

Stine, I am sorry this reply is so tardy. I hadn’t realised that the listening practice was there! I had got used to SSIWing on my phone, quite often in the car, and the options arent so obvious there. Anyway, I realised that although I had done quite a bit of SSiW during lockdown, none of it was sticking, so have been using the Mac, and sitting on my own without distraction, everything has gathered pace, and two minutes ago I finished challenge 25 on level 3! I’m pretty sure Aran suggested early on in the process that the first time you do a challenge it should be without distrction - don’t try it while driving around Conwy!!

It was only when I opened up the forum for a bit of humblebragging that I found your reply. I think I joined the Slack a while ago, but not really summoned up the courage for a bit of face to face with strangers. I will email you at admin, and start again. Hwyl fawr, Steve


Hi Steve

No problem at all - I didn’t take it personally, promise :rofl:

and i don’t think there’s any need to describe your success as ‘humblebragging’, either. You should be full on bragging about how well you’ve done IMO! And now you have absolutely no excuse not to be practising your Welsh, either :wink: Hope you enjoy both the listening practices and the speaking to strangers, too.

Congrats again on getting to the end of level 3 - it’s a fantastic achievement, it really is.

Cheers, Stine