Trying to find a song from my childhood

Not sure I’ll have much luck with this but hoping. Aa a child my Mam used to sing a song in Welsh to get me to sleep. I can remember the tune (not much help here) but only limited words of which I don’t know the spelling. If anyone recognises this I’d be so grateful as I want to pass it on to my Grandchildren. What I remember are the words “Siclor siclor…???..Siclor siclor un, dau, tri. Croeso croeso…???..siclor siclor un dau, tri”

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I definitely cannot help you recall the name of the song itself, but it occurs to me you could hum the tune into SoundCloud (I know… yikes, I doubt I could take my own advice here :flushed:) and then post it for people to hear… it may jog some distant memories for folks. Pob lwc, I hope you find the song. It is a beautiful thing to want to pass that on.

Syniad da @sasha-lathrop diolch

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Croeso! I’m secretly looking forward to hearing the tune. :wink:

I hope this works - the lost childhood song, as best as I can manage. Apologies for the quality. :metal::joy::metal:

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Suo Gan, possibly?

Na, ddim Suo Gan

Can’t help, but could the siclor be siglo - shake, but could maybe mean swing here, like rocking a baby to sleep? - the words seem to work to the tune of hen plant bach:

siglo, siglo, un, dau, tri
heno, heno, hen, blant, bach

Could your Mam have changed the words - as people do

Thanks for that. It’s very close. It may well be that Mam altered things. I’ll keep looking.

I remember that one! and yes, siglo is to rock a baby (dime is promounced dim-eh)
dime dime dime hen blant bach
dime dime dime hen blant bach

cysgu cysgu hen blant bach

dime dime dime hen blant bach
yfory yfory hen blant bach
dime, etc

I’ve spoken to my Mam & she has given me the following, which is how she remembers the song. Again, the spelling may not be correct. Does anyone recognise it? Can anyone translate? Does it make sense?
Siglo, siglo, cryd bach yn iolo
siglo siglo un dai tri.
Rwy for, rwy for, cwych bach un nofia
mami yn crior dros ur lli

this may be a lead?,+rwyfo,+cwch+bach&source=bl&ots=0tdWqQBZjD&sig=ACfU3U25MFZAdAttAr6C3960r4o3ioGuAA&hl=cy&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjpo5rm3LnkAhWSXRUIHQcyBz84ChDoATAGegQICBAB#v=onepage&q=Rwyfo%2C%20rwyfo%2C%20cwch%20bach&f=false

If my guesses at the correct spellings are right, this is the translation:
Siglo, siglo, crud bach yn niolo - rock, rock, little uncovered cradle
Siglo, siglo, un dau tri - rock, rock, one, two, three
Rhwyfo, rhwyfo, cwch bach yn nofio - row, row, little boat floating
Mami yn crio dros y lli - mummy crying over the sea

Diolch yn fawr iawn @siaronjames that sounds completely right to me. What a relief. Our latest Grandson is due in the next day or 2 so I’ll get lots of practice singing it to him. :smiley::smiley:

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