Trying the 6 minutes a day course

I would like to try the six minutes a day course. I joined a Welsh class in England but did not get on well because of the wide variety of differing accents and differing usages. I have Welsh speaking relations but none close at hand. I am a Gog.
I was taught English because my grandfather, a Welsh-speaking Welshman, said I had to learn English to get on in the world. For the period, he may have been right, but things have changed.
I can speak a bit of French but it is rusty.
I have some difficulty in remembering what I have just been taught.


Hi there - you can give the 6 minutes a day course a trial run at - and you can become yet another person who brings the language back to life in their family :heart:

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Hi and welcome to the SSiW forum! :slight_smile:

I hope you get on well with the the six minutes a day course and soon find yourself enjoying having Welsh on your tongue - all the very best with it!

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