Trouble remembering phrases in lessons


I have been away from SSIW for a few years now and finally got back because two friends from Wales, both Welsh speakers, are coming to visit for a week in May and I want to be able to converse with them in Welsh at least a little bit. One is a native speaker and for the other, it’s a second language.

At the very minimum, I want to great them at the airport with a few words in Welsh.

One problem I have with the lessons is I have trouble remembering the english phrase I’m trying to translate when they start getting longer. I figure other people must have had this happen to them, and was wondering did you get better at it with practice as you worked through the lessons? I almost need to pause the lesson to repeat the english back to myself before I can even think about the Welsh.


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It gets easier, but it doesn’t get easy. That said, the effort is still helping the language stick. You’ll get there, I promise ;).


One of the things that is happening here is that we’re trying to force your brain to start the process of ‘chunking’ (processing several words as one item) - so when they just get too hard, don’t worry about them, just say whatever you can think of and then listen to the Welsh.

[The other thing that is happening is that, ahem, some of them are just too long - sorry, my fault!]

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Diolch yn fawr iawn @aran! I feel a whole lot better for reading this!
@barb_diannibella I am 75 with a 75 year old memory cluttered with all the things I have learned and been interested in during that time and I totally sympathise with you! However, I do know ‘chunking’ works, Problem is,( @aran take note!) it works too well and I end up coming out with a whole chunk when only a bit of it is needed!
Lwc dda, @barb_diannibella I’m sure you’ll manage fine and not just with, “Croeso!”

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yes, some of them are too long! Especially in the courses rather than the levels. I start off fine then half way through forget the rest of the english sentence so I start making it up!


That’s a great approach - gives you very valuable extra practice in a skill (free production) which is a key part of the journey… :slight_smile:

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Thanks everyone for the encouragement! I remember back when I was doing the original lessons, I would forget sometimes if I was supposed to answer “Yes” or “No” to a question when both question and response were given together, so I would quickly say both responses before the Welsh was spoken.

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Ooh, two for the price of one, I like that! :slight_smile:

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