Trouble getting lessons to play online

I am using a new computer and can’t get the lessons to play online, I have to download the mp3. What player does the online page require to play the lessons?

Tagging @kinetic for you here - he’ll probably have a chance to answer on Monday… :slight_smile:

In the meantime, though, he’s probably like to start by asking:

PC or Mac? Browser? Browser version? :slight_smile:

W version, plugins … :slight_smile:

However it’s usually probably bandwith and speed what causes all sorts of problems and Chrome is naughty lately with terminating support to all kinds of extensions, plugins and apps. Try Firefox maybe? It’s the most friendly at the moment toward all kinds of plugins, extensions and what’s more to it.

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Actually, Firefox (which I use) recently went with a spate of not allowing a lot of plugins. But I think we’re past that now. (I hope!)

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Ohhhh, not them too!

PC using Google Chrome, but I used that on my old computer, too and didn’t have a problem. It might be the AV program?

I use Chrome also but I find lessons jumping forward and interrupt many times. However this is most likely connected with my connection speed and the fact that all the family (us 3) are using the same broadband where there are up to 5 or more sources connecrted sometimes.

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I have a feeling (which may or may not be right!) that Ifan does most of his developing in that environment, so it really ought to play well. AV might be a suspect - but before that - do you just get a zero response if you click on the play button? And how about other mp3 files - can you play stuff on okay, for example?

Hi - sorry for the delay in replying, I’ve been a bit unwell the last couple of days!

The inline player uses a thing called SoundManager2 which is intentionally designed to support a range of different browsers, and when one method of playing sound isn’t available it falls back on alternatives and stuff. It might be worth, as a test, going to and letting us know what that says. :slight_smile:

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I hope you’re well or at least better now.

Take care … :slight_smile: