Tro a Chlonc Manceinion/Manchester Walk and Chat

In addition to our usual 3rd Saturday in the month meet up in Manchester, there are going to be occasional walk and chat meet ups to walk off the cakes from the gallery cafe!! The first one of these will be Saturday 5th September, meeting at the front of Piccadilly Station from 10am, set off at 10.15 am.

This is the walk I thought we could try out for our first one. I imagine it could take up to 2 hours.

All suggestions welcome for future walks!

I will put reminders on nearer the time. Hope you can make it.


I am moving to Manchester in September, probably not in time for this, but hopefully I’ll be at the next one!

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Hope to see you at one of the meet ups soon Rachel. We meet at the Art Gallery Cafe the 3rd Saturday every month. Good luck with your move. :smile:

Dw i’n hollol barod am yr hyn. Mae hi’n wych cael cyfle arall i siarad Yr Hen Iaith efo pawb a mwynhau ymarfer corff da ar yr un amser.

I’m totally ready for this. It’s great to get another chance to speak The Old Language with everyone and enjoy good exercise at the same time.

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Haha! I’ve understood contextually the whole sentence when reading but I really must be in love with coffee as I automatically added i to this one to become “coffi” :slight_smile: only then realizing this has nothing to do with this beloved black liquid I love to drink. :slight_smile:

Look forward to seeing you again soon Bob :slight_smile:

Just a reminder about this event next Saturday 5th September 2015. Meet up from 10am at the front of Piccadilly Station, Manchester. Set off for Tro a Chlonc/Walk and Chat at 10.15am. See earlier post for route to be taken.

Look forward to seeing you there. :smile:


Lovely to see people yesterday for our first Tro a Chlonc Manceinion. The sun was shining, the company was great and the conversation was interesting :slight_smile: Thank you to Martin for suggesting the event and to Ian for the very interesting diversions!! I think we all discovered parts of Manchester we didn’t know existed . :smile: Special thanks to Darren who got up at the crack of dawn to join us…lovely to see you again :smile:


I’ve joined the group, I get the keys to my flat tomorrow! Hoping to make the next meet up :smile:

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Great Rachel. Look forward to meeting you soon. Good luck in your new flat. :smile:

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