Trip to Cardiff - places to practice Welsh?

Hi all, I am travelling to Cardiff next month ( First trip to Wales since 2019 due to lockdown)

Where would be good to go in the Cardiff area to practice my Welsh ?


The staff in St Cannas Alehouse spoke welsh and were friendly when I’ve visited. Hopefully it should be open by they (if not already). Its on Llandaff Road


This might help;


Diolch !

All the best with your trip and I hope that you get more great suggestions soon! :slight_smile:

Hi @iwan-jones hope the plans for your trip are coming a long nicely! Things are starting to open up a bit now. You can now eat inside, but obviously there’s a lot of prebooking so I’m not sure if any of the Welsh conversation groups will be up and running yet.

For a great takeaway though you could try Ansh in Canton by Victoria Park. Welsh speaking staff, great burgers, with vegan and veggie options (all burgers). You have to book a slot to get your burger and they’re open Thursday through to Sunday.

This is only takeaway mind and the Welsh interaction is limited to the function or ordering, paying and collecting but still, nice real-world use of the language.

Kin and Ilk on Cathedral road is a nice coffee shop that often has Welsh speaking staff on.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your stay!