Tresaith Bootcamp - June 2014 - Introductions

The rule about Dim Saesneg at Bootcamp is pretty strict and I will need a bit of help. I’m doing the NHS C25K course, a running course (Couch to 5 kilometres), when this nice lady on my phone tells me when to run and when to walk briskly. However, this nice lady isn’t fortunate enough to be able to Siarad Cymraeg.

I’ll be on week 5, and I will need to do three runs during the week, on non consecutive days. The time is no longer than 40 minutes, alternating jogging and running. The nice lady plays music in between times, but that isn’t necessary so long as someone can encourage me the way she does!

Might anyone be able to take her place?

Margaret: Might anyone be able to take her place?

Shwmae Margaret. I’ve just had a quick scan through the first week 5 podcast, and if you can cope with your nice lady being replaced by a South Walian bloke, I’d be happy to give it a go for you. It’ll be easy enough to just replace the voices whilst retaining the music. I’ll start jotting down the script and translating, but if anyone with a more podcast-friendly voice wants to take it on, I’ll pass on the script. Otherwise, I’ll send you a message soon Margaret. :slight_smile:

Jon - that’s a brilliant offer. I’m seeing this bootcamp forming one of those knots of inseperable Welsh speakers already…

Margaret: “…Dim Saesneg at Bootcamp is pretty strict…” for avidance of doubt, this is the only rule that can’t be broken. Actually, no. This is the only rule…

Iestyn, I thought there were 2 rules. Have Fun. Dim Saesneg.

Thank you Jon. South Walian blokes are perfectly acceptable.