Tresaith Bootcamp - June 2014 - Introductions

I thought I should start a thread for the next bootcamp, since there’s just over 6 weeks to go!
From what I gather, there are still 5 places left for the June bootcamp (unless Iestyn can give an updated figure), so if anyone is thinking about doing Bootcamp this summer and has some free time between Sunday 22nd and Sunday 29th June, why not come join us??

With regards to getting there, I shall be passing through the M4 corridor to Tresaith, and after Bootcamp I will be staying in Swansea for a couple of days to see family. So if anyone needs a lift from Swansea, Llanelli, Carmarthen or nearby these places, let me know (Will be on a first come basis, as I will only have a standard-sized car).

I am really looking forward to this, my first bootcamp, and to meeting my fellow bootcampers. I am also hoping to see more places filled in the coming weeks. :smiley:

I’ll be showing up too - a week of Welsh should be fun.

Can people only book from the old forum, or is there a link here on the new one?

I haven’t come across any links to the booking site on this forum yet, but the link for the June Bootcamp booking is;

If you press the bootcamp tab at the top, part way down under the video of Ali is a link to the online booking system.

I’m coming to Bootcamp too!

Gavin, can I take you up on the offer of a lift? I live between Swansea and Carmarthen, near Cross Hands and about 5 miles from the end of the M4.

Hector, a week of Welsh will be fun, plus various other adjectives.

Wrth gwrs Margaret! If you PM me with details of where to pick you up nearer the time and I’ll let you know of times I’m likely to pass through.

Will do.

Dw i’n mynd! Totes gyffrous about it, Gavin I’ll PM you too as I should be going through Cardiff by train :slight_smile:

Dim problwm Amy. There should be room for one more + luggage in the car! I PM’d you earlier if you haven’t checked your inbox yet… :blush:

Going to bump this to hopefully prod anyone who is thinking of going to go ahead and book. I’d go again like a shot, but don’t think it’s practicable, plus I’d rather leave places open for those who haven’t had this exciting experience yet.

So…dim aros…bwcio!

EDIT: 4 spaces, as of a few minutes ago, apparently.

I didn’t manage to drop in on the last bootcamp - still stuck in Cardiff trying to arrange my move - but I’m here in Llandysul now, so looking forward to catching up with the June bootcampers! It’s always loads of fun, and very inspiring to see people going from a bit nervous and feeling that they will never be able to say anything to chatting away confidently over the course of the week.

Dee! Looking forward to seeing you again, we must catch up properly!!

So… I’ve started thinking about packing (I mean… it’s nearly June, right?) and I’m determined to only take a carry-on suitcase. What are the chances of a) needing only one jumper, b) getting towels and bedding provided at the place and c) using a laundry? :slight_smile:

We’re recommended to bring our own, but for overseas bootcampers there may be duvets and pillows available. I will be bringing a couple of spare towels myself so you’ll be welcome to use one of them.
With regards to the jumper, I’m hoping we won’t need one for the week, but might bring 2 just in case (British weather in the summertime can be a tad unpredictable!).
Laundry… There’s a good question! Will there be laundry facilities available either at the hostel or locally??

In April, at least in the gents dorm, there were pillows, so you’d only need a pillow case and a sleeping bag (alternately a single duvet).

I wondered about laundry, but in the end, never really investigated. I didn’t notice anything obvious, but I’m quite likely to miss things (even the obvious).

I found it occasionally cold in April/May, but I’d think that would be less of a problem in June.

Thank you gents! I’m more than happy to pay extra for a duvet if that’s an option, or I’ll pick up something el cheapo from Cardiff when I’m there (I don’t think I even own a sleeping bag here tbh), just need to know so I can plan ahead (I do remember seeing something about it all on a much older post so I wasn’t sure if that info was still uptodate). Towels - thanks for the offer, Gavin, and I’ll see about slipping in one of those travel towels as well :slight_smile:

Also should perhaps mention I’m vegetarian - will we be doing our own cooking or shared meals? Either way I’ll have a think about some meal ideas :slight_smile:

I think we will be doing some kind of shared cooking kinda thing. Does your vegetarianism extend to fish and dairy products?? Just trying to work out what culinary dishes I might cook when it’s my turn!

Amy, i’ll be cooking the first bootcamp meal in June, so will definitely do a veggie option/meal; also - as I only live just down the road from Tresaith, why don’t you borrow a sleeping bag and towels from me? It’s really not a problem, I have at least 6 sleeping bags (showing off now!) as I have 4 kids. Anyway, let me know if you need them or anything else you think of (hairdryer?). Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Yes to dairy, no to fish (though I adore oily gross deep fried fish batter… :slight_smile:

@Toulouse I will certainly take you up on the offer of a sleeping bag with thanks!!

Yes to dairy, yes to fish, no to meat.

Gavin, Amy, we often do the cooking in pairs, and those who really want to just cook for themselves. It’ll probably be a help yourself breakfast, out at lunch and eating in, usually, in the evenings. I seem to remember a lot of cafe time as well as the odd pub meal. As long as there is a Welsh menu. Often the evening is lubricated by alcohol in The Ship.

What do you like? What do you want? Remember, it’s a holiday. I’m going to bring my swimming costume in the (vain?) hope that the weather will be good enough to swim in the sea.

At my first bootcamp there was someone on the Atkins diet and we left him to it. At another there was some really posh food from local farm shops. For the communal food we keep a tally of what we spend and even things up on the last day.