Translations of page headings on the BBC Cymru Fyw website

Alright people, so I’ve been using the excellent and very useful BBC Cymru Fyw to improve my reading in Welsh. As most of you probably already know, there’s a vocab feature within the website that you can switch on which allows you to hover over highlighted words to see the meaning in English.

However I can’t quite figure out some of the words in the page headings across the top, as these are not included in the vocab feature, i.e. where it says ‘Hafan’, ‘Cylchgrawn’ etc going from left to right. Now these 2 were ok, as I used the dictionary at to work them out - they mean ‘Home page’ and ‘Magazine’ respectively.

Next was ‘Gwleidyddiaeth’ which means ‘Politics’, and I figured out that ‘Canolbarth’ means ‘Midlands’ (presumably that’s referring to mid Wales and not the Midlands in England, unless I’m mistaken?).

However I couldn’t figure out the meanings of ‘Gog-Orll’, ‘Gog-Ddwy’, ‘De-Orll’, and ‘De-Orll’ as not all parts of these were in the dictionary. I know that ‘Gog’ is slang for northern Welsh, and that ‘gogledd’ means ‘north’ or ‘northern’. ‘De’ seems to mean ‘south’ or ‘right’, so logically speaking the headings look to be set up for news about the different areas of Wales (north, south and mid). So what is ‘Orll’, and is it short for ‘orllewin’? And what is ‘Ddwy’, and is it short for ‘ddwyrain’?

I think Gog(ledd) is for North, De is for South, Gorll(ewin) is for West, and Dwy(rain) is for East.
So for example, Gog-Orll is for North-West (the ‘g’ in ‘gorllewin’ gets lenited away) and De-ddwy is for South-East (the ‘d’ in ‘dwyrain’ is doubled for the soft mutation).

Thanks for reminding me that I need to get back into reading Cymru Fyw - it really is incredibly useful for reading Welsh!


yes, that’s it! :smiley:

so to clarify -
Gog-Orll = Gogledd-orllewin = North-west (gorllewin = west, but has mutated)
Gog-Ddwy = Gogledd-ddwyrain = North-east (dwyrain = east, but has mutated)
De-Orll = De-orllewin = South-west (again, gorllewin has mutated)
De-Ddwy = De-ddwyrain = South-east (again, dwyrain has mutated)


Ah - got beaten to it!

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Diolch! Ah, that makes sense now. What would I do without this forum :slight_smile:

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