Translation please

I was reading a review for radio Cymru android app. This is the only review. She gave it one star and said “Gwnaeth e gweithio” I can’t find the word gwnaeth in any dictionaries. Can someone translate that for me please.

oh, never mind. I see I originally misspelled it.

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Do you have a link for the app?

It would be nice to boost their download figures…

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This app - is it Radio Cymru or CymruFM? Only Radio Cymru (as far as I know) doesn’t have an exclusive app since it is available on BBC iPlayer Radio app (and the TuneIn Radio app, among others)…

I tried to download Radio Cymru app (or better BBC Radio app) but I wasn’t quite satisfied. Rather then that i use TuneIn app for all radio station I am listening over the net/phone and I’m very satisfied. Radio Cymru is there too and the stream flows well.

This is the app I downloaded
Radio Welsh (radio Cymru)

I tried it some last night and today, seems to work fine

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And it’s BBC Radio Cymru you listening on it or it’s just one Welsh radio called so? Interesting. I didn’t find this one when searching for it.

yes, it has BBC radio Cymru. This is what I am listening to. There are 9 other stations, but I haven’t listened to any of them. I think the other stations are all in English. The app seems to work well

Gooe. Then you obviously found your way to listening to BBC Cymru. Da iawn! :slight_smile:

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