Translation help, please!

Shwmae pawb! Long time no see. Hope you are all doing well. I seem to not find any time to focus on language acquisition while busy with school unfortunately, on the bright side my exam went really well and I’ll always be coming back to SSI* when time is plenty.

Right now I was hoping someone could help me translate this text:

I’ve been sleeping through my life
Now I’m waking up
And I want to stand in the sunshine
I have never been ecstatic
Had a flower but it never bloomed
In the darkness of my wasted youth
It was hiding in the shadows
Learning to become invisible
Uncover me

…into Welsh of course. Some might recognise it, it’s part of the lyrics of the song Sunshine by Juliana Hatfield and it’s perfect for being part of the gift I’m getting for my Welsh friend.

As a token of my appreciation to anyone who could help me I offer a virtual hug and eternal gratitude!

S’mae Wiwer, ers talwm! :sunny:

Dwi 'di bod yn cysgu trwy fy oes
Rwan dwi’n deffro
A dwi isio sefyll yn yr heulwen
Dwi erioed wedi perlewygu cymaint
Oedd gen i flodyn ond ni flodeuoedd
Yn nhywyllwch fy ieuenctid coll
Roedd yn cuddio yn y cysgodion
Yn dysgu dod yn anweledig
Datgela fi.

…is one shot at it, although it could be done a lot more poetically if you can find any decent beirdd…:wink:

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Diolch o galon Aran, you are a star!
That is absolutely perfect and plenty poetic for me.

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Perlewygu - What a great word!

One little more tiny question. We are of the Southern kind so I was wondering if it would be more accurate to use “Dwi’n moyn” instead of “Dwi isio”?

Indeed it would, you poor, misguided souls…:wink:

In which case you might also want to swap ‘rwan’ for ‘nawr’, ‘deffro’ for ‘dihuno’, ‘gen i’ for ‘gyda fi’, and, um, that’s probably about it - unless you want to go to ‘Wi’ instead of ‘Dwi’ for that authentic tangy southern sound…:wink:

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“Not all those who wander are lost” :wink:

Thanks again! That’s perfect now. I did keep “rwan” cause I prefer the ring of that :slight_smile:

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How would I say - “not a perfect situation”? Does - dim sefyllfa perffaith - work?

You’d be understood, but ‘dim yn sefyllfa berffaith’ is more likely, from ‘dydi o ddim yn sefyllfa berffaith’… :sunny: