Translating "my ....."

In my five sentences I was describing my room and said "Mae gyda fi fy llyfrau a cherddoriaeth yna. I have a friend who check things for me and she said she would say "a’m cerddoriaeth. What I don’t understand is where that 'm comes from. I get that I need to say my music but not how it translates into 'm. Can someone please explain.
Thank you.

What you’re saying is ‘my books and music’. She’s saying ‘my books and my music’. That’s how I understand it
A + fy is, can be, replaced with a’m. Just one of those things.

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Yes, as Margaret said, it’s the ‘and’ playing tricks on possessive pronouns. Just for reference, the full set is:

and my > a + fy = a’m
and your (singular/familiar) > a + dy = a’th
and his/her > a + ei = a’i
and our > a + ein = a’n
and your (plural/formal) > a + eich = a’ch
and their > a + eu = a’u


I’m always glad when you confirm what I think I know. I’ve got to a stage where I know things, but can’t remember what the rule is behind what I know!