Translating easier than answering

Is it just me but during my 11 exercises I have jotted down sentences using the words from the exercises. I find reading a sentence in Welsh and mentally translating to English far easier than the reverse.

It’s always easier to translate into your own language as you’re already familiar with it. Going the other way is mentally much harder work, but it’s what you need to do to take part in conversation. As much as possible, you need to avoid translating into English during a conversation as that will slow you down. You’re aiming at thinking in Welsh :slight_smile:


I’m finding with this method that i’m not translating word by word into welsh now most of the time (after 1 hour of Automagic). Ive been pleasantly surprised! My main problem is remembering what im supposed to be saying when you give us the long sentences! I think that’s being a ‘senior’ probably!

That’s quite a common problem, but it actually benefits you in the end. It pushes your brain to think in “chunks” of language rather than individual words, and as you move through the course and become familiar with some of those longer phrases, you’ll find the Welsh flows out in “chunks” - sometimes surprising you in the process! :laughing:

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