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‘daw eto ddail arfryn’ This seen carved in the mountainside just outside Abergavenny. My translation doesn’t make sense. Anyone help?

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It literally says “Leaves will come again on a hill” which in the Welsh is a more poetic way of saying “There will be leaves on the mountain again”. Welsh artist Mick Petts did it to raise the profile of a project to plant one million trees in the area.

A bit about it from Cerys Matthews here Stump Up For Trees – Cerys Matthews


Brilliant, thank you Siaron.

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Hi Rob. Hope you are well.
Also, I suspect it might be a play on words with “Daw eto haul ar fryn”. With the parallel/literal translation: The sun will come again on the mountain/hill. Figuratively, and quite emotionally, meaning that better days are coming. There’s a nice song to go with it.


Thanks John. Much appreciated.

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