Transferring £100

I am trying to pay for the year for access to advanced levels but the Submit button does not respond. Has anyone got an idea what i need to do?

Which platform are you using Nora? (i.e. PC, ipad, iphone, other smartphone?)
I’ll tag @Kinetic , @lewie and @jamesmahoney anyway - they all deal with different sides of things, so when they know if it’s to do with ios or android or whatever, the right one will be able to jump in and help.

Hi Nora - could you drop us an email to about it, letting us know also what kind of machine you’re doing this on (laptop, phone, tablet etc.) and also what browser you’re using, if you know that? Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I have already contacted admin and i am sure they will get back to me but i wanted to get on with so i put it on the forum.
I will email again with the details you suggest

Thanks. I have got an iPad version 9.3.5
And Mac Book Pro ios 10.10.5

In that case, I think it’s @lewie we need for ios issues, but I’m sure the email will be answered soon too - the more details there are, the easier it will be to track down the glitch.

For what it’s worth … the apps don’t handle subscriptions, so this is a website issue, and emailing to admin (as Nora has done!) is the thing to do.

Ah, ok - I’m not sure I’ll ever get my head around what apps do and don’t do! Thanks Lewie.