Transcript (and accelerated listening exercise) for lessons 1 - 10 of Level 2?

Is there a transcript available of all the sentences used in lessons 1 - 10 of level 2?
If it is not available on the site is it something that could be emailed to me?

The lesson content for each lesson is available on the download page under ‘vocab list’ - we don’t provide the full transcript because it doesn’t help with the learning process (in fact, it can incline people to the mistaken belief that they need to memorise every sentence in order to progress successfully with the course).

Hi , can you tell me what you get in level 2 .


25 more half-hour sessions (and more accelerated listening exercises, before too long) - but we’re close to running a test to open up Level 2 for free access, so you might want to hang on a couple of weeks… :slight_smile:

Hi Aran , that would be great , look forward to hearing level 2 .

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Hi Aran,
I’m in Spain at the moment and have just finished level 1. I’ve just had a great 10 minute conversation with the lady who is renting the flat next door. I was here last year. I could never have done that then. The SSiS course has worked wonders for me. I was considering signing up for level 2 and have just read your @aran comment above in October about the level being opened up for free access. Is that still the plan? Should I hang on a bit? I am really keen to progress rapidly while I am still in the country. Thank you.


Awesome to hear you’re doing so well - huge congratulations! :star: :star2:

Try navigating to Level 2 now - you should already find that you have access… :slight_smile:

Brilliant, thank you. I’ve just checked it on my phone and Challenge 1, level 2 plays. Can’t wait to have a go. Mucha graçias. :smiley:

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De nada - y buena suerte! :slight_smile: