Traffic getting to and from the National Eisteddfod

The only one I’ve been to was Neath back in the 90s and that was easy because I was living there at the time. Obviously some venues are going to be easier than others but just wondering what you should expect if you’re planning to go to one at somewhere a bit more out of the way like Tregaron (2022) which most people are going to drive to. I did a few big music festivals back in the day where you can spent several hours in traffic queues getting in and out. Is that the sort of thing you should expect?

I’ve not been to many Eisteddfodau, but I’ve always found the parking to be very well organised. 2015 in Meifod was a rural location with several fields next to the Maes given over to parking with marshals guiding people into the parking places. There were clear signs on the road leading to the Eisteddfod site and no queues. The following year in Abergavenny, the Eisteddfod was in the town, so they organised Park & Ride with shuttle buses (bysiau gwennol) running between the car parks and the Maes. Cardiff, of course, was entirely different because it was down at the bay. There may be some queuing if you arrive at a popular time, but certainly not hours.

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There’s more public transport put on than usual. Occasionally the traffic routes nearby are altered. Park and ride nearby. Often goups will hire buses for the day from all over Wales. Rural settings will have parking nearby, within walking distance. Llanelli would have free buses running from the train station and the bus station and park and ride from the rugby ground. Abergavenny had three or four carparks situated at the edge of town. The organisers have plenty of experience and hire in managers for different parts of the enterprise.

Every year I am massively impressed at how easy it is to travel to the National Eisteddfod and Urdd Eisteddfod. It doesn’t matter where it is, they have really got it well organised.