Traditional Spanish cookbook with no pictures

I’m looking for a traditional Spanish cookbook of the kind that’s been around for like 100 years with new editions being published every now and then. There is such a cookbook in Austria, it used to be a part of the curriculum in housewives schools. It holds really many recipes, some of them very simple too, and the somewhat older/cheaper editions don’t include photos of the dishes. This is what I’m after - some traditional recipes that work, but with no or almost no pictures. This way I’ll have to learn harder for my food :grin:

Hola Irina,

Cuando yo era chico, mi mama usaba el libro de Doña Petrona como referencia. Aqui hay un link adonde puedes verlo


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Muchas gracias for this suggestion, Gaby! This is exactly what I had in mind. I managed to find an e-book version of it. The printed versions don’t seem to be easily available here apart from the older editions that are priced in thousands of $! :scream:

Great book, thanks!