TP's online boot camp

Bore da! Tricia ydw i. Shwmae?
I am doing the 5 day online boot-camp - as I am not quite sure how I will fit this around work, but really keen to give it a go.
I’ve just completed my lesson for today - which is one of the additional vocabulary sessions between course 2 and 3; although I am also going through the new lessons in course 1, which are fantastic!
Diolch am yr cyfle i gwneud Bootcamp yn yr ty!

Hi Trish, and a very warm welcome to the forum! Well done for taking action…:star:

Eek - vocab lessons - probably a good idea to focus on Level 1 for the Bootcamp, because it’s much more cumulative, so the effects of the straight run will be more obvious (I should have thought of saying that in the email!)…:smile:

I’ll look forward very much to hearing how it goes for you!

Iawn! Willl do…!

Iawn - dwi wedi gorffen yr her heddiw - Phew! Bach yn anodd ond wnes i mwynhau e. Hyd yn hyn, felly da!

Many many apologies if that’s a load of tosh :slight_smile:

Gwych - llongyfarchiadau!..:star:

No, that was great, I understood you perfectly…:smile:

So … Another lesson done on the way to work (muttering to myself on the train - but managed to get away with it, not too many strange looks!). Only just got back in so a bit late to find someone to act out the dialogue once, let alone 5 times :smile: so…,.just given an oscar winning performance with myself acting both parts from memory (thankfully the conversation was short!). Will try to do it ‘for real’ tomorrow. Nos da.

That sounds like a superbly creative approach to circumstances that didn’t make the challenge easy - absolutely fantastic:star:

Well, the 10 minute challenge was interesting……I got stuck on ‘Why has my mind gone blank?’ a few minutes into the process and really had to force myself to think of a particular topic.
Pam mae fy meddwl yn mynd ‘blank’? Pam dwi ddim yn gallu meddwl am unrhywbeth???

That sounds as though you’re getting a quite superb combination of Welsh practice and meditation…:seren: