Total confusion, re the forum

I’m on week 8 and downloaded sound loud, but can’t seem to see how to record my word. I’ve looked at the help guide, but your pictures look nothing like the page I’ve downloaded.
I’ve got to be honest, the form completely baffles me.
Help in a simple format would be appreciated

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Hi @mike-37, we’re very close to getting our own recording method up and running, so don’t worry about the recording aspect of your tasks for the time being.

SoundCloud has changed since we originally started using it and a lot of people don’t find it very intuitive to record with now.

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Hi Deborah I was so relieved to see this message, I’ve spent several very frustrating hours trying to use SoundCloud (I have an iPhone) and absolutely nothing works even after trying everything others have advised, so gave up on SoundCloud!

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SoundCloud took down the direct recording service quite a long time ago and in the app the recording option can still be found but unfortunately it doesn’t work anymore what means SoundCloud disabled the recording feature completely and all you can do is just pre-record things and upload them on afterwards.

So bothering with the direct recording to SoundCloud is a waste of time (unfortunately).

But don’t let this stop you!

Tatjana :slight_smile:

Hi Mike I’ve given up on Sound Cloud it was murder I find this forum totally confusing to use as well! Hopefully they’ll make it easier to use or at least explain in simple terms how to use it

Can I offer an analogy? I do like analogies!

The forum is like a huge room full of people having different conversations. When you first walk in, it can be a bit overwhelming - which group should I talk to? Which group can answer my questions? Can I talk in any group? Will people come and talk to me if I stand here on my own? Where do I need to be?!!!
Well, if you think about it, not every group is going to be talking about something relevant to you at that moment, but some are, or maybe have already been discussing the thing you want to talk about, so you need to wander around, have a lurk, listen in to a few conversations… or seek out the right group. This is where a ‘search’ would help - there is a magnifying glass on the top banner which will enable you to search the whole forum. You can then post your question or comment in an existing thread.
Alternatively, standing on your own and asking for help/advice/support/encouragement also works - you can start a new thread and people will come to talk to you!

Sometimes you are asked to post things in a particular section of the forum (e.g. for the speaking practice recordings) - if you have trouble finding the right place, again, just ask if you can’t find it.

This huge room of people is really a community, a really positive, welcoming community - it’s just the “tech” that sometimes makes it appear bewildering, but like any other forum/website/database/etc, the more you use it, the more familiar you’ll get with it, and the easier it’ll be to use. :slight_smile:


In common with a lot of people who have commented here, I find the forum in general and the sound recording in particular very very confusing. Could I make a plea to whoever runs or manages this forum to provide some really basic “How to” guides? Especially as many of the discussions that I have come across refer to an “old forum” or to ways of using the sound recorder which are obsolete. How can us beginners be sure that advice we find is still relevant?
Re: sound recording - can I simply import sound files (mp3’s) made using other software such as Audacity?