Toot.Wales 5th Anniversary Meetups

Greetings all, my name is Jaz and I run, a set of bilingual independent social media platforms. We are turning 5 this year and several members have asked me to reach out and invite our SSIW friends and neighbours… we are still building the itinerary but you can read the announcement here: Tŵt Tŵt! It's Our Birthday! — Tŵt Blog

We’d love to host anyone interested in promoting use of the language online in safe digital spaces, and as such all of our #ymarfer hashtaggers are very welcome at our events once we get them squared away!

June 8 Swansea and June 9 Cardiff are locked in, more meetups, ahem, tootups are being scheduled: 2023 Birthday Meetups - Google Docs

Anyhoo, short story is we will be touring the country over the course of a week celebrating Welsh language social media, all are welcome, we hope to see you there!


Bendigedig! Brilliant! I’m not likely to be able to attend an event, though I will be in Lampeter 4-12 June for a bŵtcamp, so you never know!

I’ll promote this in our weekly newsletter though - a great opportunity for SSiW learners and new Welsh speakers to meet others.


Congratulations on 5 years on the Fediverse :tada:

TIL about and will recommend it when it makes sense.

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