Tom's 30 day Welsh challenge

Now, a word of warning - Tom has a very strong working memory, and has previously learnt other languages (including Spanish to near native proficiency) - and was already familiar with the method…

So this is NOT a learning journey for you to measure yourself against!

But as an example of what is possible, starting from scratch, doing a couple of hours a day, for a sprint of 30 days, it’s fascinating (he’s on day 21 as I write this, and he’s going to be coming up here next week for a visit to spend a day in Welsh)…

That should take you to the intro (which also has Tom doing the whole of challenge 1) but if you look over on the right you should see the playlist, which will let you check his daily progress sessions… :slight_smile:


This is my first forum post BTW. I just watched Tom’s work with you Day 25 of 30. Interesting things I realized;

  1. Although I am only on Level 1, Challenge 13 myself (and only because I procrastinate, :joy:), I understood most of it. I even wanted to prompt him myself when he wasn’t sure of a word! (As I knew most of the vocabulary you offered him. An indication that I was “participating” in the conversation! Progress for me.

  2. I also recognized that despite (or perhaps BECAUSE) I knew nothing about the subject matter, I wasn’t distracted with my own thoughts about the subject. (Which would have left me lagging behind)

Really enjoyed “being a fly on the wall” and getting to see Tom’s progress and your responses to it! Thank you both! Da iawn Tom! Diolch yn fawr!

A little bit of a disclaimer about me, although I am halfway through Level One, I watch every clip from S4C I can watch on FB and I watched 20 or so episodes of your YouTube series Bedtime Welsh.


A very warm welcome to the forum, Howard! I’m delighted to hear that you were able to sense your own success - that’s hugely valuable.

Good luck with the rest of the course! :star2:

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