Today vs Police

Apologies in advance I don’t seem to be able to post in the specific quick questions section

Discussing with a friend today and we are a bit confused as to our poor English wars the word for today sounds the same as the word for police? Do they sound the same?

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Hi @sianelagreen!

The Welsh for police is heddlu - heth-lee.

The Welsh for today is heddiw - heth-you.

So very similar, but not quite the same. :wink:

Hope this helps.


…and by the time Iestyn has finished with it on the southern course it lost the ‘w’ :smile: - so the difference becomes the ‘l’! Heth-ee vs Hedd-lee

Rich :slight_smile:


Hi Catrin that helps a lot thanks. Made the mistake of doing a google pronounce search and think they got it wrong as well as me. It makes makes much more sense with your help

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Theres plenty of others that sound similar…wait until the pubs are open again and you can order sex instead of ice!!