To want

Doing lesson 10, level 2 I wrote down the various forms of to want I came across. As a reminder.

I want
Dw i’n moyn

I want you
Dw i’n moyn i ti/i chi

We want them
Yn ni’n moyn iddyn nhw

They didn’t want
Do’n nhw ddim yn moyn

He/She wants
Mae fe/hi’n moyn

We wanted
O’n ni’n moyn

What they want
Maen nhw’n moyn

That they wanted
Bo’ nhw’n moyn

We wouldn’t want
Fydden ni ddim yn moyn

They want us
Maen nhw’n moyn i ni

We want
Ein ni’n moyn

They still want
Maen nhw’n dal yn moyn

I don’t want
Dw i ddim yn moyn

I want to be
Dw i’n moyn bod