To walk

2 quick questions

  1. What is the difference between, caminar and ir caminando?

e.g. caminas al Colegio / vas caminando al Colegio

  1. Is there any difference between caminar and andar or ir caminando and ir andando?


Good question, Dai - it’s something I’m not all that clear on myself, so I hope @gabycortinas will get an alert for this thread!

But for the first one, the second one sounds more like something that is happening right now, whereas the first could be less specific… :sunny:

I would just say estoy caminando to say I am walking at this exact moment. I’m not sure what any technical difference between the two is but I would probably use andar for the physical action of walking.

For an idle ‘taking the air’ type stroll I would probably use pasear (from paseo) but no doubt a native speaker would have a different perspective.

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