To pause or to write down?

Helo, s’mae,

Dw I newydd dechrau (I’ve just started) ‘Challenge 3’ and dw I trio (I try) to avoid using the pause button as much as I can. This gets difficult when the sentences are quite long and I’m trying to remember everything.

I have some knowledge of spaced repetition and understand the need to be able to recall these words automatically which will improve over time but is it ok to write down the sentence yn Saesneg in order to avoid the pause button or is this considered essential to practice the practical realities of conversing - in any language - of listening to what is said and responding?



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Honestly, don’t worry about forgetting the long sentences - most people do, and you’re not expected to get everything right. As long as you say something, you’re making progress.


Diolch, thanks for the response.

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I even now, being quite confident Welsh speaker finishing Level 3, forget long sentences at least partially but I’ve learnt not to worry particularly about the thing. Usually I say something in the context of what also might be the right answer in the Wild. So, if the English sentence is about that I’m going out on Friday with some friends to parti, for me it’s just OK if I say I’m going out with some friends on Tuesday (for example) ane might (hence I forgot) even leave out that last part (which in this case is to parti). You didn’t say all but you’ve at least said something and it’s most of the time in the context of presented sentence.

Well, with this of my forgetiness going to my nerves, I rather learnt to listen to the presented sentences more carefully and my brain also learnt to remember more and to react more swiftly. So I’d say write down the sentence in English if you really must but otherwise go for whatever you remember. You’ll see with potential repetition of the lesson by a chance that all of a sudden you can remember more and you even say the whole sentence totally right.

Hope it helps.

Tatjana :slight_smile: