To or not to

Sometimes in the challenges to say “to something” you just use the word. At other times the “i” for “to” is included. Sometimes even in the same phrase: “sut i ddweud beth dw i’n moyn dweud”. How do you know when to use the i?

There are a couple of threads that help with this. I’ve tried linking them in my reply, but it didn’t work, sorry. You should find them with a quick search of the forum.

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I think these may be the ones:-


Thanks for this. It is becoming clearer.
Diolch yn fawr!

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There is a post here with covers it. If the ‘to’ just represents the infinitive of the verb - to swim, to sing etc. you don’t need the ‘i’ …some verbs have a linking ‘i’ eg mynd i - going to …and some verbs never do.

Rich :slight_smile: