To need

Having gone through the challenges and the old course - SOUTH WALES WELSH - I have noted that to say “I need something” is Mae eisiau i fi rhywbeth

I have just started the AutoMagic lessons (South Wales) and I now find that to say “I need something” is Dw’i angen Rhybeth

Why is it now different or am I missing something?

Helo David,

The region setting in Automagic is isdependent from the setting in the challenges. Did you make sure that Automagic is set to south? I ask because Dw i angen is the go-to form for I need taught in the Northern course.

However, with most North/South variations, often one of them is considered “standard”, and in this case that would be angen for need. So if the region is in fact set correctly, the course creators may simply have opted to remove Mae eisiau i fi in favor of the more standardized Dw i angen.

Yes, this is what has happened. While mae isie i fi is very common in everyday speech, it’s not what is taught by Dysgu Cymraeg courses and this was frequently causing confusion for people doing both, or indeed for people using Duolingo and we have a lot of those.
As dw i angen is also commonly heard in the south the decision was made to switch to that in AutoMagic.


Diolch Hendik

I come from a relatively strong South Wales Welsh speaking area (Llanelli, Carmarthenshire) and I have checked with my Welsh speaking friend. She uses Angen. Therefore from now on I too will use Angen.


Diolch Deborah

I will us angen from now on.