To have (southern welsh)

What are the correct southern welsh forms of the verb “to have”

I Have - " ges i" or “ces i”

He/She had - “gaeth e/hi” or “cas e/hi”

We had/They had - " gaethon ni/nhw" or 'cawson ni/nhw"

In the past tense?

Ces i - I had
Ges i…? - Did I have?

Gaeth e/hi…? - did he/she have? or Gafodd e/hi…?
Caeth/Cafodd e/hi - he/she had

C/Gaethon ni/nhw or C/Gawson ni/nhw

C/Gaethoch chi or C/Gawsoch chi

They’re both correct and heard interchangeably everywhere.

Diolch Anthony