Tipyn bach or ychydig?

What is the difference between tipyn bach and ychydig?
I’m thinking that tipyn bach means a little bit and ychydig means few? So, I might say: Dw i’n siarad tipyn bach o Cymraeg but not, Dw i’n siarad ychydig o Cymraeg?
Thanks for any clarification on this.

They both mean “a little (bit)”, so are interchangeable in that sense, and yes, you could say both tipyn bach o Gymraeg or ychydig o Gymraeg, but they have broader meanings than just a little or a few and it’s in those other meanings that they are not necessarily interchangeable.
If you put each into the GPC https://geiriadur.ac.uk/gpc/gpc.html you’ll see what I mean.



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(And thanks for the link- very helpful!)

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